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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quick Final Impressions - Prototype

I really enjoyed Prototype.  It’s a sandbox game often compared to Infamous.  I’ve only played the demo of Infamous but believe strongly that I would enjoy it just as much as Prototype, probably more.  In Prototype you play as the angry angst-ridden hoodie wearing weird biological weapon parasite of some sort invested Alex Mercer.  You have to complete missions to uncover/advance the story while fighting/avoiding both the military forces and infected creatures which spawn from hives covering infected areas.   

As far as I was concerned, the missions were nothing special and neither was the story.  What made Prototype fun was the powers you could unlock and play with along the way.  In fact, if the game hadn’t given me a taste of the powers you receive latter in the game near the beginning I probably wouldn’t have kept playing.  Some of your powers include the ability to absorb people to either regain health or unlock some of their memories in your ever expanding “web of interest,” the ability to impersonate whoever you absorb for stealth gameplay, the ability to run up sides of buildings, and the ability to surf through the streets on people’s bodies.  

Then there are all the abilities available for each version of your arm you can use for attacking.  For instance, the whip fist can latch on to helicopters and pull you up to them for hijacking, or the hammer fist can be used for punching cars into the air.  There are far too many abilities to list, but I can assure you if you’re looking for a sandbox game where you just want to have fun running around a city causing complete chaos and terror while moving at incredible speeds and imitating military personnel, Prototype fits the bill.


  1. Although I'm interested in playing this game, my brother told me that the gameplay is extremely similar to Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. Is it actually fairly different from said game?

  2. I've never played Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, but after looking at some gameplay footage I would say they are similar in a lot of ways, but Prototype seems more polished and the variety of powers in Prototype might make it less repetitive.

    I think any sandbox game like Infamous, Prototype, Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, those old PS1 Spider-man games, etc. (really any sandbox game in a city) is going to feel similar to any other sandbox game. Without actually playing Hulk and seeing what kind of variety it offers in it's missions/powers/transportation/etc. I can't really make a good call on how different it might or might not be. The most I can say for sure is you should definitely consider them the same genre.