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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

NEWS/UPDATES - 04.06.2011

Hey everybody! I've recently changed by username and email address associated with this blog. My previous username was Czernobog, and it appears that my previous comments will remain under that name. The new username which will be seen attached to new articles, as well as newer comments, is Gaming Through The Ages and I can now be reached at For some reason older articles are under GamingThroughtheAges with no spaces.

I haven't been able to update the blog as much as I would like lately, but I will be throwing up an article about what I consider the most underrated handheld in the very near future. I will also make sure to throw up more Quick Final Impressions so that you guys can at least get some fresh content a little more frequently as they are fairly fast write-ups.

Earlier today I signed up for a GamingThroughtheAges Youtube account, and am planning to do some fun videos as time permits. I'm looking to do software reviews and hardware reviews, etc. These will most likely focus on older generations, but I am not opposed to doing videos about current games. I am in the process of deciding how I want balance entertainment/humor with fair analysis and what kind of overall style/structure I want for the videos. I may also try my hand at a Let's Play video or something of that nature. I will make sure to embed each video here as they are completed.

It could be awhile before I see this to fruition so until then I'll make sure to keep updating the blog with written articles as regularly as I can!


  1. When I first started my blog my articles were published by "Sega MikeyDrive", but when I commented on other blogs it would display my real names. I found it overly difficult and fiddly to get to to display my username rather than my real name. I'm hoping you didn't find it to be such a difficult task.

    What's your intended use of the e-mail address, if you don't mind me asking. Is it for readers to ask you questions and the like? Because what I really want to know, right now, is what my options are with regards to piracy on the Sega Saturn. I would really like a Sega Saturn, but honestly can't afford to build up a good library of games from scratch.

  2. It was ridiculously overly difficult and confusing because I have tied Google accounts that would not come untied. I did it so I could essentially have everything like Blogspot, Gmail, Youtube, etc. under GamingThroughtheAges. Anyone can use the email address to send me anything they like, questions included, but I'm probably be quicker to answer comments than emails.

    I have a Saturn with a small handful of games, but I'm not really well-versed in the system yet. I don't pirate games because I like to have physical copies, so my knowledge there is pretty lacking for most consoles, but I can point you to this quick guide to playing back-ups/burns/imports that I had bookmarked from a long time ago for eventually playing some Saturn imports.

    And here's a group of links towards the bottom to more detailed article which can go over the individual aspects of it:

    These should be a lot more helpful than I can be on this one.

  3. I go on Racketboy quite a lot, but haven't seen the article on playing backups before, so cheers. And I don't like pirating either, (who does?), but sometimes it's the only financially feasible option, other than not playing at all. :(

    I do think that if I were to get a Saturn, I'd get a chip for it. I didn't know they were still in good supply so I'm glad about that.

  4. Yeah, some of the articles have become a little buried so they can be difficult to run across unless you already know they're there.

    I don't blame anyone for wanting to use disc images on older games, especially difficult-to-find ones. It can often be the only way to play games like Panzer Dragoon Saga that are also expensive. Anyway, I think your right that your best option is the chip, especially if you're comfortable installing one.