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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Quick Final Impressions - New Adventure Island

This was my first TG16 game, but I had yet to actually finish this one. Seeing as it seems to have unlimited continues, I decided to actually sit down and dedicate myself to finishing the game. It’s an extremely fun platformer for rainy days. (I’m always drawn to TG16 and SNES platformers on rainy days – I have no idea why)

You’re constantly assaulting an array of enemies with various weapons like axes, boomerangs, and arrows while attempting to grab any fruit along the way to keep a bar at the top of the screen from diminishing.
If the bar does diminish, you die just like when you run into enemies. This makes the game very fast paced, as you can’t spend much too much time planning out your platforming.

There are several worlds, each with four stages and a final boss. I found all of them quite enjoyable, and when you defeat each boss you are rewarded with a goofy and zany dance.

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