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Friday, May 6, 2011

Quick Final Impressions: Pokemon SoulSilver

This is how to do remakes.  The original game is intact, but completely revamped graphically, with a ton of new pokemon, new areas to explore, new items to find, etc.  The list goes on and on.  The Pokewalker accessory is pretty neat, and is surprisingly fun to pick up, see how many points you have from walking, and then use the points to try to catch new pokemon or find hidden items to transfer back to your main game.   

I’ve gotten 16 badges, and caught several legendary pokemon over a great deal of time, but the game has so much to offer that I could easily spend countless more hours playing the same file while finding new things to do.  I’ve been playing this game on and off for a few months now and I still find myself picking it up for short bursts every few days.  It’s unfortunate that so many gamers view this series as inferior children’s games.  There’s an incredible amount of gameplay packed into each game, and anyone who enjoys turn-based role-playing games should give them a fair chance.


  1. I find the Pokemon games to be quite fun as well. I have only played the red/blue/yellow and gold/silver games, as I only own an Advanced SP. The only Pokemon games I currently own are gold and silver. Unfortunately, my silver version refuses to boot up, so gold is my only current option. I would like to get a DS at some point to try the newer versions, but I don't have the extra cash for that. But I do heavily collect NES and SNES games. Great blog btw. I'll be checking in every so often, and swing by my blog sometime. Maybe we could exchange links. :)

  2. Hey Jason, thanks for checking it out! That's cool you collect NES and SNES games, I've been getting a lot more into the SNES lately. Your blog is really cool. I made sure to add it to my Great Blogs list.