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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quick Final Impressions - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

I borrowed Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune from a friend who pretty much insisted that I borrow the game. I wasn’t all that interested but had heard enough good things about the sequel that I figured I should give the first one a try beforehand. The game turned out to be very fun. The game was far more cinematic in nature than I expected. It was sort of like playing through an Indiana Jones movie, which was pretty engaging. The characters were interesting enough to get me to care about them (well maybe not the love interest – she was a tad annoying), and the story was simple enough to remain interesting without getting in the way of the gameplay.

However, the third-person shooting segments were too frequent and long for my taste. They were fun, but I grew tired of doing the same thing every few seconds. The platforming aspect of the game is what really kept me playing because I hadn’t experienced anything quite like it in a game before. It was amazingly fluid in most climbing situations and I was always looking forward to what new obstacle the game might throw at me. The section of the game which sealed the deal for me is the point where the game becomes somewhat survival horror-ish. That pushed me to the point where I recommend this game to anyone looking for PS3 exclusives.

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