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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Quick Final Impressions: X-Men Arcade

X-Men Arcade was a real blast from the past.  I used to play this game in the arcade with friends whenever I had the chance.  It’s a fun beat-em-up, but the character selection is rather small at only six characters when you consider the vast array of X-Men characters.  Still, six characters is more to choose from than many other beat-em-up games.  My only real complaint with X-Men arcade is how easy it was on normal difficulty.  I had to turn up the difficulty to keep from becoming bored by the game.  

A nice touch was the ability to play the Japanese version of the game which offered power-ups which weren’t implemented in the English release.  Additionally, if you have Xbox Live, you can play online with up to five other players.  Of course, you could also have your friend grab an Xbox controller and play locally as well.  Despite the game’s low difficulty, it still felt great to hear “Welcome to die!” and kick the crap out of Magneto with a group of other players after all these years.


  1. I'm kind of assuming that with your "Quick Final Impressions" you're playing these games through to the end. If so, what's your secret?

    I've got way too many games now but don't spend too much time actually getting them done. Tips is what I need, many many tips.

  2. Rest assured, if I've put up a Quick Final Impressions article I've played it up until the credits at least.

    When I finish a game, I write up my thoughts right away, but don't always post them. So the impression is always fresh, but it may have been awhile since I beat the game before posting the blog update.

  3. That's good advice, but what I was actually referring to was the "too many games, not enough time" conundrum that plagues many retro gamers.

    How do you make the time to sit down and blast through your games?