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Saturday, July 2, 2011

News & Updates 07.02.11 - Club Nintendo Rewards

Club Nintendo recently revealed its Platinum and Gold member rewards for 2011 (I'm referring to the North American Club Nintendo as that's where I'm based).  For those of you who aren't familiar with the service, newer first party Nintendo games (Wii/DS/3DS) come with registration codes which buyers can use at the Club Nintendo site.  Club Nintendo members can then take surveys which are rewarded with coins, which can then be used to get rewards.  If a member gets 300 coins within a year they qualify for the gold reward and if they earn 600 coins within a year they earn the platinum reward.

Nintendo revealed that the gold reward this year is a calender while the platinum reward is a set of 25 Mario & friends pins which come in interesting puzzle type boxes.  Seeing as I reached Platinum status this year I opted to get the pin set, but the real reason I've become interested in Club Nintendo is the newest reward you can exchange coins to obtain.  For the large sum of 1200 coins Club Nintendo members can get a stellar highly detailed working reproduction of the original Game and Watch Ball game.  For collector's like myself, that prize is easily worth taking the time to register games and fill out Nintendo's surveys. 

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