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Friday, July 1, 2011

Quick Final Impressions - Infamous

Remember the whole Playstation Network hack debacle from a little while ago?  I bet you sure do.  One of the games I downloaded was Infamous, figuring it was one of the fullest experiences offered by the Welcome Back program.  I generally get tired of sandbox games after a while.  I’ve hardly picked up Prototype since I beat it, I haven’t played any Grand Theft Auto games in years, and I was bored of Red Dead Redemption in less than an hour.  Yet somehow Infamous was different.  It was so wonderfully different that I actually was compelled to play through it twice in a row, once as good, and then as evil on the hardest difficulty before I was awarded the Platinum trophy for the game (although that can be attributed quite a bit to luck).

You’re probably wondering how exactly Infamous was different.  It’s actually a little difficult to say.  It was definitely more fun than any other sandbox game I’ve played but it’s hard to say why.  The powers in Prototype were more diverse and you had a lot more you could do including utilizing weaponry and vehicles, but it was still more fun to run around fighting enemies in Infamous, which was more focused on third-person shooting (Prototype seemed more focused on combat). While the story in Infamous wasn’t fantastic or anything it was more interesting than other sandbox games I’ve played through fully and the ending genuinely surprised me.  Since this game was given away free to so many gamers recently, it will probably remain very low in price for quite some time.  If it sounds interesting to you, then it’s a game worth picking up for real low cheap.

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