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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Quick Final Impressions - Streets of Rage 2 HD

As a temporary Playstation Plus member (due to the Welcome Back package) I was able to temporarily download this for free.  I played Streets of Rage all the time in the Genesis 6-pack when I was younger and still pick it up from time to time, but never actually tried the sequels.  I should have.  Streets of Rage 2 was a blast to play through cooperatively online and locally with a friend.   

There was also an online versus mode but every time I started to win the other player would quit the match so that my win didn’t count.  I found this rather unsportsmanlike and was surprised that every single person I connected to via quick match did the same thing.  Although the game is HD, it really doesn’t look any better than an actual Genesis game on my HDTV, which is a little disappointing.  Even so, it was fun to play and being able to get a co-op partner online when none are available locally is a pretty nice feature.

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