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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yard Sale Gaming Issue 1 - A New Gaming Magazine Worth Your Time

Recently, a friend of mine who moderates over on the RacketBoy forums and runs the Game Boy Player Land blog at RFGenerations published the first issue of his new magazine Yard Sale Gaming

The magazine features a large (15 page!) spread on the history of the Darkstalkers franchise, several reviews, an interview with the founder of RacketBoy, thought-provoking essays on gaming, and a chapter of a serialized novel about shmups.  There's a ton of content located in the fifty pages of this magazine well worth checking out.

Several writers contributed to various aspects of the magazine all utilizing their personal plethora of gaming knowledge.  I contributed a small section on the Card Fighter's Clash series to the Darkstalkers article for instance.

The magazine is currently available in print for the low price of 11 US dollars and the low low price of $2.50 for a digital issue.  Also, the print issue includes the digital issue for free.  Check out the magazine below:

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