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Thursday, September 1, 2011

News & Updates: 09/01/11 - Frequently Asked Questions

Some of you have probably noticed a significant drop in my posts during the last month. I have no intention of abandoning this blog and will continue to update it as much as possible. I have been very busy lately and much of my time has been dedicated to other aspects of my life.

I would like to answer a few questions I've been getting and if any readers have other questions which aren't addressed, I'll answer them in the comments below this post.

Q: What have you been doing?

A: I have been spending a lot of time applying all over for substantial employment, preferably full-time and substantial enough to allow me to pay off my student loan debt more easily. This is the primary reason the blog has not been updated as frequently as it once was.

Q: Are you still learning Japanese?

A: Yes. Several people have urged me for more information regarding my post on how to supplement Japanese language learning with games. I will be writing a more elaborate post on the subject when time permits. As for my own Japanese learning, I do a little bit every day because ten minutes a day is far more beneficial than cramming once a week or so. I would classify myself as an intermediate student of Japanese at this point. My biggest hurdle at this point is building up vocabulary and learning the kanji.

Q: Can I write an article for your blog?

A: Yes, but I have to read it and approve it first. As long as it has proper grammar, spelling, etc. and is fairly well-written I will most likely accept it, and will put it under a Guest Articles section and give a shout out to your blog or website. It also cannot have excessive profanity or inappropriate content. (This is actually out of my hands - I actually find profanity interesting due to my fondness of studying language and articulation.)

Q: Are you going to be doing more videos?

A: Yes, but written posts will take priority for the time being. As for the Quick Play Reviews, they will continue but at a less frequent rate than I had originally hoped for. I'm planning on doing Quick Plays of Vay, Maximum Carnage, Musya: The Classic Tale of Japanese Horror, and The Castlevania Adventure soon. I would also like to do more polished videos like my Dreamcast VGA video, but these take the most time and energy, so their release will be infrequent.

Q: Are you going to be doing more written reviews?

A: Yes, I have several games waiting to be played that I want to do full written reviews of, but I cannot review a game without playing it and I have had very little time to actually play any games as of late.

Q: What is your favorite game of all time?

A: This is a tough question to answer. I like hundreds of games, and can usually find positive and negative aspects in any of them. The keyword here is favorite though, not best. So although it might be considered cliche, my favorite game has to go to Final Fantasy VII. That being said, I don't think it's as good as some people make it out to be, or even consider it the best FF game. It gets the spot for nostalgia and fully exposing me to the RPG genre.

Q: What is the first game you ever played?

A: I'm not entirely sure, but the first game I vividly remember playing was The Legend of Zelda on my dad's NES. I really couldn't have asked for a better introduction to the world of gaming.

Q: What is your favorite anime?

A: I didn't think I ever gave any inclination that I'm a big anime fan, but apparently several people have me pegged as one. I'm not that big into anime but have enjoyed a few. I really dislike some anime however, namely most of the ones that have to do with middle and high school relationships. My favorite anime was Mushi-shi. It's hard to put in words why I liked it as much as I did, but it is both the most intriguing and relaxing show I have ever seen.

Q: Where do you find the time to play all these games?

A: How much time I have to dedicate to playing a game is really random. Lately it has been none, but some games can be beaten in one 3-4 hour long sitting if I'm in the right mood. I have become much better lately at utilizing the time I have available. For instance, I replaced the hours of silence or random noise in my daily life with hours of Japanese listening practice just by having Japanese TV shows or music playing in the background all the time.

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