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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Vay Sega CD Review - Quick Plays


  1. I really, REALLY need to get myself some more Mega CD games. I bought my Mega CD hoping to get into a new realm of Sega gaming. However, I have only bought one single Mega CD game to play on it, and it isn't even Sonic CD.

    assuming you're using an actual Mega/ Sega CD, where do you get your games from? And should I consider getting unboxed games for it?

  2. I always use the actual hardware. :-D I actually received the Sega CD itself with a couple games as a Christmas gift. The person who bought it for me grabbed it and a couple games off of Amazon, but I don't know what they spent. I've actually been very lucky and found all my games complete at a used book store.

    I prefer to get my games with the boxes/manuals/extra stuff for a couple reasons. The first being I just like the way the longboxes most of the US games came in look. The second is that since they're early CD games, they seem to scratch easily and some minor scratches can cause a lot of freezing/skipping so I don't really trust that unboxed ones will work very well.

    Sonic CD is a good one to pick up since it's a fun classic style Sonic game and it's one of the cheaper games for the system. For the RPGs I'm pretty sure Dark Wizard and Vay are the cheaper ones and they go up a lot in price from there.

    I'm looking to expand my Sega CD collection, but I just finally found full-time work and I'm about to go back to school to get a Masters and some certifications, so it'll be a while. I think in the long run I'll probably end up paying more to get some games from high-rated Amazon sellers since their customer service has always been really good to me.

    1. I agree that boxed games are always better, and getting unboxed CD-based games is always a risk, but whith systems like the Sega CD getting more and more obscure, I feel forced to think of cheaper options to get any games at all. Considering that I've had my Model 1 Mega CD for about a year, I really want to force myself into getting some games, regardless of condition. I just wish the Mega CD wasn't region locked...

  3. In my opinion why people buy used games that are 15-20+ years old. Everything these days is easily emulated on a computer. Doesn't stop the die-hard collectors.

  4. The game is very nice and I enjoyed watching the video, it is really interesting. I would love to add vay sega cd to my game collection.