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Monday, July 16, 2012

Splatterhouse 3 Review - Quick Plays


  1. While I hear a lot about this game now, I've never seen it before here in the Netherlands, or when I was growing up in the UK. I'm starting to think it was never released here, or was perhaps released under a different name.

    Nice video by the way, its good that you edit them that way as 3 minutes of your video is better than 20 minutes of unedited footage by some guy who has never played the game before.

  2. Looks like it was only released in the US, Japan, and perhaps Korea.

    Thanks! I've been trying out playing the game for a bit to re-familiarize myself, then recording it while I give my thoughts like in a Let's Play, but then cutting that down to 3-5 min, which seems to be good for the quick reviews.

    Anything longer that's a review or a retrospective I'll have to sit down for a while and script out. There's some hardware/accessories I want to give more attention soon.

    Saw your post about the CDI, by the way! Awesome stuff. That's one of the last 'sort-of-mainstream' systems I still haven't managed to get around to picking up. Hoping and waiting for a good flea-market deal!

  3. The CD-i was a real steal. A full set of controllers, nearly twenty games and of course one of the infamous CD-i Zelda games made it well worth the €10 asking price. The old fella I bought it from admitted that he had no idea what it was, he just wanted it out of the loft!

    The only real issue is that the console itself doesn't spin the discs properly. It will spin it about once and then give up. It's probably an easy fix, but with so many different versions of these machines in existence, and with my almost non-existent knowledge of electronics, I'm a bit stumped as to what to do about it.