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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

News & Updates 3/6/2013 - Free Games for Vita & PSP Owners!

It seems Sony has decided to quite kindly give out a few free games during the current Vita sale which should last about a week.  Despite being a Vita sale, at this point they can be downloaded from either the PSP or PSVita store.  Unfortunately, this is only a U.S. sale at this point.  Hopefully, all you guys over in PAL territories will get this or something similar.  Currently, the PSP games Patapon, Patchwork Heroes, and Piyotama are available as free digital downloads.  Also, the game Wild Arms can be downloaded from the PSOne Classics section for free.


  1. The real customers and the companies. If you want an SNES game. Quit just thinking of yourselves!

  2. This is really great for the Vita & PSP Owners. They are providing free games that will attract more and more customers.